Freedom of Speech

The right to freedom of speech and expression is considered a cornerstone of democracy. This right is formally guaranteed by the Constitution of India, and is also recognized under such international documents as the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights. The Internet is a key enabler of the right to free speech, as it facilitates instant and inexpensive exchange of information across borders, and enables users to actively publish in addition to passively receive information. Online speech platforms including but not limited to blogs, discussion forums and social media play host to truly important public discourses, and permit individuals to freely express opinions and convictions without fear of repercussions in even the most repressive of regimes. We at consider it part of our mission to safeguard this sacrosanct right in the digital space, and to make sure that the Internet remains a bastion of free speech where users are able to express themselves with minimal restrictions.


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